The most complete and simple
professional tool for the provision
of primary diagnostics services

The turning point on
territorial healthcare systems.
The most innovative system for
professional diagnostics
in primary care management.

A professional tool used
to structure and manage
an integrated and interconnected
multi site network.

Territorial healthcare system

Live Capture is a solution dedicated to primary diagnostic services that allows you to create a clinical diagnostic corner, in any place, in an extremely simple and effective way. All workflows are specifically designed to be intuitive. The special user interface allows the manage of the totality of the clinical performances using the same work cycle, unique for all the instruments. The entire process can be managed via a tablet or smartphone. No third party device or application is required.

Reduces working time

Thanks to the immediacy of the work cycle, Live Capture reduces exam execution times by up to 80% compared to the systems currently in use. Ease and speed of use are not comparable to any other system on the market.

Reduces customer time

The system is equipped with an App usable directly by healthcare operators and patients. All clinical examinations, reports and measurements are immediately available and historicised on the patient app. Patient will be able to take advantage in real time of the clinical examination and result. All services performed are historicized on the Personal Health Record PHR.

Chronicity management

The mobile app. allows each patient to use the system even at home. The patient performs the self-measurements independently. Clinical data are collected and historicized to construct a truly updated personal health record (PHR). All clinical datas are directly available for the patient.

An easy solution, without limitations

Web based design and mobile app for a no limit full use. Useful for medical services at home. A simple smartphone to create a diagnostic corner anywhere.
Modular and expandable

Live Capture allows you to configure a customized business proposal according to the needs of the provider or selling point, allowing you to always be adherent to customer requests. In addition to the diagnostic performance in cardiology the system offers a complete set of services suitable for the chronic patient management: Blood Pressure - Oximetry - Body Weight - Body Composition - Anthropometric Parameters - Body Temperature - Blood Glucose - Blood Cholesterol - Eleocardiocardiogram - Cardiac Holter Recorder - ABPM Holter Recorder- other instruments on request. Medical reporting services on demand.

An innovative and different solution

Live Capture offers a complete proposal of solutions dedicated to patient in extremely different way from all other systems currently used. The client is not simply a patient but becomes the main actor in the management of his pathology and is actively involved. Live Capture significantly strengthens the relationship of trust between patient and doctor.

Enlarge your business proposal

Live Capture system allows you to combine specilistic diagnostic services with daily self- measurement. You can propose shelf-selling medical devices to patients that need purchase auto measurement devices compatibles with Live Capture platform for auto- managing of chronic conditions.

Increase the performance of your business

The Live Capture system is equipped with dashboards for constant monitoring of performance and trends of your business proposal. This functionality can help you to modulate the relative market proposition based on the misurated performances; The system can control a multi-site or multi-store in order to increse the performances of your interconnected business network.

An extremely powerful tool able to retain the customer

Live Capture allow you to have a direct and continuous contact with your customers. Using Live Capture system you will be able to offer each patient a personalized PHR (Personal Health Record) capable of storing and displaying measurements, clinical examinations and trends. The PHR is automatically populated by the services performed at the dispensing point together with the self-measurements performed daily by the patient himself at home. With this system the patient can consult the clinical trends and remains the sole owner of his data, which are always organized, consultable and exportable through the mobile application.